Comment: I think you do not answer because you cannot.

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I think you do not answer because you cannot.

Mr. Spock, I'm not sure I've seen someone before try harder to pretend to answer a question through links, sites, and vague references to " 6 points" or "point number 4".

You have not made an answer. Attacking Catholics is not an answer but an attempt to distract from the fact that you are scared to reply.

If the Catholics were wrong, that still would not make your position any more solid. There are more than 2 possibilities. Mormons, Jews, Hindu, Buddhists, Muslims, Atheists, and a millions other possibilities of what is behind the veil. I've not asked to you tell my why another faith is incorrect I'm asking about the foundation of yours.

I also know that it is a "faith" and as such there is a point of leaping, where logic & reason are not enough and one must trust. I'm not asking you to prove God, I'm asking for you to show me where you jumped from.

Neither you nor I can "PROVE" the Bible infallible, but we can answer to others why we have taken that position.

I have explained why I choose to believe the Bible infallible and I've presented numerous reasons why it is hypocritical for anti-Catholics to believing in that same book.

You haven't answered. You haven't even tried to deny my points illustrating the hypocrisy of an anti-Catholic having the Bible in their possession. You've tried to distract and in attempting it so consistently suggest that you are incapable of a response. Your behavior suggest that you cannot respond because once your answer was in print it would either be so hypocritical, so laughable, or so accepting of Catholicism that you cannot permit yourself to take the risk.

Are you so attached to hate for Catholics that you are unwilling to consider they are not in fact evil? Is your determination to attack the Church so ingrained that it prevents you the freedom to consider and discuss the origin and preservation of the Bible through all the centuries between Jesus and today?