Comment: Cruz for President?

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Cruz for President?

Forgive me for harping on the subject, but every time I hear the name of Ted Cruz and his possible presidential candidacy, particularly on a site like DailyPaul, where intelligent discussion should rule, I get sick! To even consider in passing, without outright condemning, a potential Cruz run for president, is very disturbing, considering the "natural born citizen" (NBC) eligibility requirement for President and Vice President. Are we SERIOUS?!?!

How many on this site actually believe that merely being BORN a citizen is the same as NBC? Correct me if I am wrong, but Cruz not only was NOT born on US soil (being born in Canada) but ALSO had a non-US citizen (Cuban) father at birth, and was born with dual or possible triple (Canadian, American & Cuban) citizenship. And if being born on US soil is optional for NBC, what the h*ll was all the fuss about Obama being born in Hawaii or not? Ted Cruz is clearly not a NBC and therefore not eligible to be President or Vice President, since he was neither born on US soil nor born to two US citizen parents.

In failing to condemn such a run, we are in effect enabling the continued violation and degradation of the US Constitution and our respect for the rule of law. How many of you on this site are aware that most of the Republican candidates for President in the last two election cycles were NOT eligible for the office, or had doubtful qualifications. If anybody cares, I can supply supporting evidence. What's up? Neither major party can seem to find any presidential candidates that are eligible to serve under the constitution. Coincidence? Right??? Think this is a SIDE issue of little or no importance. It IS, but ONLY if you think the Constitution is a side issue and of little importance. WAKE UP, people!!

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