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truth is a huge elephant in the living room of the blind, where they all have their grasps, or perceptions. Truth is within the SELF, not some collective, secular, religious or otherwise. There's never going to be a collective TRUTH that everyone in the whole world will agree. The truth is up to you and your life's grasp, perception, and experiences.

If you know anything about houses, then you would know, North America is not Sand (though it does have it's deserts, some people see a forest of life in a desert), and the constitution and bill of rights has made a good foundation for freedom, independence, liberty because it has enabled so many different people of different cultures and backgrounds, to come and better their lives. So I do not think it's best to burn this down, but take what works and build on that to advance humanity.

That is not to say that there are not those secular, and religious, who want to "burn the house down", but I am not one, and that is my truth. You see your own truth.. what works for me doesn't have to work for you, and if you are for advancing humanity, then we should be able to get along, but it you are for destroying humanity, for god or nwo.. then I can understand why you would say it's sand.. you have not personally advanced, and so it is useless to you.. sand, dust, nothing.. whatever YOU want to reflect in your truth.