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The way I see it

Those people do not rely in the US. The US relies on them and so does much of the world for solutions, because Israel advances humanity with it's government that protects the right of the geniuses within to think and create, and the right of business people to turn those whoughts into products.. and that's where the US invests, and then some corpoeration wins the bid and gets a patent, and like John Galt's engine, it sits there waiting to be discovered and produced while the patent owner is looking for war way to apply the invention to a Military Indistrail Complext contract to make huge profits.. and this is what needs to stop in America, to stop the perpetual wars. As it is, most technology we have today, the military had long before it went public.

As far as the US protecting Israel, I think the only thing it might do is provide what specific help Israel asks for. Other than that, I think we would all do ourselves a big favor by being more like Israel and less like palestine under this AUTHORITY for a UN Agenda, which Israel, to their credit, is not part of.

I thiunk Israel is going to do very very well, so I do not worry about Israel.. I worry about the US with so many angry, hopeless people looking for their free cell phone from Obama.