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Comment: For once I agree with McCain

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For once I agree with McCain

I see the Free Syrian Army as the Liberty Movement, if Obama started mowing down protesters, shut off the internet, had military police go door to door and eliminate people, 5 million moved into FEMA camps, more arrested, and put in concentration camps around military bases as human sheilds.. and the people of the US woke up to find themselves in a civil war... one day you're protesting and the next day, there's no net, people are moving, troops are shaking people down, assassinating people, and the militas take up arms, and the Mexican drug lords come in to loot and protect their territories.. and Obama is going insane, blowing up cities, and then China comes along to protect their ports and arm Obama... and Obama is winning slaughtering Americans.. who would help the Liberty Movement?

No one.

And so I agree with McCain, because the FREE SYRIANS are good people who love the net and want freedom from tyranny, while they are joined by other rebels who do not want freedom from tyranny, but want Islam to rule the world, and they have taken advantage of the chaos.. had to be chaos to wake up one day and find out the protest went leathal..

No one to stop Assad, no one to stop any global leader from using chemical, or any weapon, against their own people. If Obama wants to mow down the Liberty Movement, the Liberty Movment is the first to say, That is his right and it's no one business to stop him, after all we don't have the money.