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Too much skepticism

There is such a thing as too much skepticism. Two things I see here in your comment that you probably already know but I feel I need to point out to you is this.

1) He did not say we won, he said we went into it with the objective of winning. I like you, despise the Iraq war I'm sure, believe it was fought under false pretenses and that it was evil. We're on the same side. Rand did not endorse it, he did not condemn it either, which would be nice! But he did not say we won, only that we went into it with a strategy to carry it through to a supposed victory.

2) He did no affirm that Assad gassed his people. I believe he left that open, he left open the possibility that he did gas, which I still think is possible, though unlikely. But without absolute solid proof that he didn't he'd just look like a butthead if he said unequivocally that Assad did not gas his people. Rand is not in a position like you and I are to cast random aspersions all the time at anyone he wants. He is cautious, more cautious than many would want, and it makes many mistrust him, but I believe a wise man knows when it's time for action and time for caution and Rand is a wise man. For his age. Ha.