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I think you should have your vision checked ...

RE: "Those people do not rely in the US. The US relies on them ... "

Would that be a reason the United States has ~300 of Israel's nuclear weapons and a crap ton of other Israeli armaments because the United States is relying on Israel? Oh wait ...

Would that be a reason all the top news headlines for the past week read U.S. Consults Israel before strikes akin to:

"Israel's decision to launch an air strike against a suspected nuclear site in Syria allegedly set up with the help of North Korea came after Israel shared intelligence with the US, it was reported today."

RE: " ... because Israel advances humanity ... "

"An amendment to the Israel Entry Law – infamously known as the “Slavery Law” –passed its final vote in Knesset on Monday, 16 May 2011, in a 26-6 vote, despite wide opposition from human rights organizations and leading legal experts. The law was passed on the very first day of the Knesset’s Summer Session.

The new law severely harms fundamental human rights of approximately 55,000 migrant workers in the nursing professions in Israel, the majority of which are women. The law enables the Minister of Interior to restrict the number of times a migrant caregiver can change employers, to limit workers to specific geographical areas, and to confine them to specific subsections of the nursing services. The amendment constitutes an attempt to circumvent the High Court of Justice and to restore an earlier “binding arrangement” of migrant workers to their employers, which the High Court has already criticized in 2006 for “creating a modern form of slavery” following a petition by five human rights organizations."

[On a side note and purely for my intellectual humor ... To Whom It May Concern: Try getting this next official United States government link out of Google search muwahahaha]

"2010 Human Rights Report: Israel and the occupied territories"

"Principal human rights problems were institutional, legal, and societal discrimination against Arab citizens, Palestinian residents of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (see annex), non-Orthodox Jews, and other religious groups; societal discrimination against persons with disabilities; and societal discrimination and domestic violence against women, particularly in Bedouin society. While trafficking in persons for the purpose of prostitution decreased in recent years, trafficking for the purpose of labor remained a serious problem, as did abuse of foreign workers and societal discrimination and incitement against asylum seekers."

I don't think I even need to read or respond to the rest of your post. I find myself in 100% agreement with your post because everything you assert is 100% true with no contradicting evidence in existence (eye roll) ...