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Comment: Well said! They know this

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Well said! They know this

Well said! They know this will turn into a huge States Rights rally cry and are backpeddling. This is what happens when you enlighten the people generally, the currupt gov must maintain the facade that they are good and work for us at almost all costs (A big thanks to the 2nd Ammendment). If people start standing up for their rights it pushes back on the government and they must concede what they can to maintain the facade.

Syria is another great example, if people didnt care Obama would have just rolled over there and bombed Assad like he does with his drone strikes but becuase everyone spoke up and public opinion is so low they are having to pause and rethink their strategy.

Now when more and more people are awakening to the curruption the gov will have to retreat to maintain the facade until we hit a point where they cannot maintain their agenda at the same time and that will be the point in which this country becomes free or falls into overt tyrrany by means of some 'event'.

We have a long way to go but the tide is turning...

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.