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I was talking about WTC 7

Obviously the towers being hit by airplanes is a different case, but if fire brought down WTC 7 presumably there are at least other high-rise buildings of a comparable design that have had major fires. Seems like there would be some relevant data there, one way or the other. How many? What's known about the effect of the fire on their structural integrity?

Suppose the answer is that there have been fifty cases of buildings with similar construction having major fires, and most of them re-opened after the fire damage was cleaned up. That would make WTC 7 stand out like a sore thumb. On the other hand, if after a major fire it's nearly always the case that the structural integrity is so compromised that the building is torn down and rebuilt, that looks rather different. And if, because of modern fire suppression technology, comparable fires in that kind of building are rare, then the "never happened before" argument loses a lot.

Someone must have done this study, right?