Comment: Anyone who investigated enough should know

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Anyone who investigated enough should know

the Pentagon hole-in-the-wall was caused by a drone, not a plane. The drone should be considered a missile, as Rumsfeld "inadvertently" expressed. The hole was 12 or 16 feet diameter and a very clean round hole it was. Aside from the hole there was no other damage to the wall of the bldg. If a plane came in that low, which is impossible because of the updraft to the underside of the plane, the wings would have damaged the walls and the hole would have been a much greater diameter.
After a short period of time, maybe 20 minutes - not sure, a large portion of the wall surrounding the hole came down so it could no longer be visually determined the original hole size.
The debris left behind was miniscule. But photos show a very small engine nearby, an engine the size belonging to a drone.
Enough said, all the evidence is captured on video for the world to see. Anyone at this late date who continues to believe the govt "official report" or argues against a conspiracy perpetrated by our govt is either an idiot, govt shill, misanthrope, totally naive, unAmerican, racist, sleazebag, Bush or Cheney family member.