Comment: I'm puzzled About Something

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I'm puzzled About Something

Here is a drawing of the world trade center complex courtesy of Wikipedia prior to 9/11 (see: ) Take notice of the directional compass insert.

Here is a picture of the Southwest corner of 6 WTC after 7 WTC collapsed (see: ). It was an 8 story building directly in front of 7 WTC but it did not fall even though it was hit with debris from the North tower collapse (1 WTC).

Look closely at the right side of the picture. It looks like a reflection of the remains of 1 WTC but what is the source of the reflection?

Here is a picture of the south and east corners of the Verizon Building after 7 WTC collapsed (see: ). This building apparently was not hit with debris from the North Tower collapse but suffered damage from 7 WTC falling down.

It is remarkable to me that 6 WTC and the Verizon building did not suffer the same fate as 7 WTC.