Comment: Recognizing that this may never get settled

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Recognizing that this may never get settled

is why it's fringe. The liberty movement will always focus its attention on these favorite conspiracies, but is this unresolvable mystery what you spend your time talking about? I can argue who shot Kennedy all day long, but that's not where I'll find traction when I need it. That stuff, while intensely interesting, is not the "how to" of our liberty message. This might even be an effective manufactured red herring, despite the tragedy that people died on that day.

Spreading the message through focusing on this particular fascinating conspiracy is an uphill climb, because people are very resistant to actually accepting the real possibility that their entire reality is a fabrication, and their trusted politicians they proudly voted for are evil incarnate after all. It's a very hard sell, and rarely results in a quick win.

And once we open with this argument, since we'll never prove it, our opponents will trot out the wacky bird, tin foil hat labels. Thereafter, any subsequent statements we make can be easily dismissed and ridiculed. There's a reason Dr Paul never let building 7 pass his lips. To the best of my knowledge he never took up that argument. However, I seriously doubt he believes the official story any more than I do.

It's easier to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, to a skeptical person that Monsanto harms the environment, because of the many mainstream articles stating how many countries have banned their products. That's not too hard to sell, which results in a win.

It's good to pick your battles.

Another easy win is showing how Obombya lied right to the cameras, since the clip of him saying no one's listening to your phone calls can be easily shown next to the mainstream's extensive coverage of NSA spying on everything that breathes. It more easily fits the listener's framework of reality, so it results in another easy win. It's been on their favorite TV news programs, so it must be true.

If we had more videos about how for the first time in history the US cannot build a coalition to start another war, and why, based on things the viewer already knows to be true, now that's a real chink in the warmongers' armor. It should be exploited.

I love the building 7 story, but what good is it to me? It will always be shakey ground to stand on. This particular red pill is too large to swallow for many, too sour for their taste.

It is a great clip nonetheless, and makes a strong argument in under three minutes.

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