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You're a Troll - Let's see how..

Are you defending the government's story?

Because in a court case, when one side presents its claims - the other side picks it apart. The official story has been destroyed:

Controlled Collapses
Lack of Pentagon Video/Circular Hole in Building,
Lack of PLANE/PEOPLE in Pennsylvania,
Lack of a REASON for UNIFORM collapse in Building 7 while nearby buildings withstood MASSIVE structural damage and remained standing.

It doesn't matter WHY or WHOM -- it DOES matter that the official story is FALSE.

Now you're best argument is to ask for a motive? Did you go to public school - because it's showing:

Money, the Expansion of the Police State, Support for the Military Industrial Complex, Oil Security

There's an historical case to make for them all.

Now, if YOU are defending the government's story -- ANSWER EVERY QUESTION ABOUT 9/11 mentioned in Loose Change and the follow-up docs that went even MORE in-depth.

Also - answer WHY it ISN'T SUSPICIOUS that the then-President REFUSED to be questioned ALONE as was requested by the INVESTIGATION COMMITTEE.

Also -
Have you ever worked for the government?
Who has employed you over the last 7 years?
What is your current occupation?

Let's find YOUR motive for asking such obviously-flawed questions.