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To make common life seem more frightening than it is

They did it to make the world seem more dangerous than it is. They did it to make it seem like common items in the hands of the wrong people are more dangerous than those items or common people really are. What would have otherwise happened is, as was pre-engineered in the case of an always-possible accident, hundreds of people would have died. We all would have been somewhat shocked to see planes intentionally crashed into the towers but without them being utterly destroyed as they were, we would have not all that much more-so been underwhelmed as was the case when Al-Qaeda bombed two US embassies in Africa and killed a couple hundred Americans back in '98 or when it was the USS Cole was attacked. A couple of terrible hijackings alone would not have served the neocon agenda. Worse still for the neocons, a less dramatic event that didn't cause everybody to fall into a state of collective irrational paranoia as we did might have instead caused otherwise rational people to question the state of the US's then-current foreign policy.

9/11 was not an act of extortion so as to force the US to stop protecting the Saudi Royal family or the killing of defenseless Muslims in Iraq and Palestine. Instead it was an act of psychological manipulation so as to convince the public to support a strengthening of the Empire which as we all of us by now should plainly see supports the world currency dynamic and decimates the economies of any country seen to be an enemy of that dynamic should a country like Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Venezuela, and dare I say even Russia or China release capital to market for any means of remuneration other than that created by fiat from the world lending oligarchy.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead