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Comment: And they still went after him.

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And they still went after him.

A little publicized fact is that Bill Clinton actually got Congressional authorization in August of 1998 that contained language allowing for not just funding but military force, including boots on the ground, for the explicit purpose of regime change. Public opinion at the time wouldn't have allowed for it yet Saddam still prudently changed his ways with the obvious understanding that he was very much in the cross-hairs because of his banking practices. Still the neocons did not relent because Saddam still represented the possibility of Iraq going back to selling oil for means other than proprietary loan debt.

We're seeing the very same thing in Syria right now as it is the currency syndicate will not relent even though Assad made changes to Syria's central bank in 2006. Syria under Assad still represents a threat of going back to past practices and even more so with new pipelines releasing new capital to market in exchange of remuneration other than that which is created by the lending oligarchy.

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