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Comment: Bump for drudge headline relevancy

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Bump for drudge headline relevancy

current drudge headline

Please read the two articles : if you only have time for one read the 2nd article:

I think this is another point here proving my claim that the appointed/elected puppets need the think tanks to move their zionist agendas forward.

Here we have zio-Kerry/Kohn and bomb iran MCCAIN citing this O'BAGY's op-eds , not anyting kerry or mccain came up with on their own but a think tanks employee's op-ed and who knows she is probably CIA for all we know as well.

Another factor proving my point, earlier this week on c-span SUSAN RICE gave a speech about syria at New America Foundation think tank.
The new CEO of the think tank Anne-Marie Slaughter introduced SUSAN to the audience.

you can find a crappy article by her here:

Now something near the end of her article popped out at me.
"I wouldn’t have returned to Washington for a big government job;
nor would I have left Princeton for another university. The singular appeal of my new job as president and CEO of the New America foundation, an independent think tank and solutions platform, is the chance to inhabit that crucial space between academic research and applied policy, the transmission belt that moves ideas to action."

did ya'll get that ... " the transmission belt that moves ideas to action"

so think tanks in this CEO's opinion are the crucial space between academic research and applied policy.

the think-tanks research , obama, kerry, hagel , are supposed to be the people to sell it to the people/congress and then the military/state dept. applies the adopted policies

In the end they are all evil and most if not all outcomes are equally as evil.

do not bomb syria... nuff said.

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL