Comment: He first evicerated Giulliani for his own revision of the 9/11CR

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He first evicerated Giulliani for his own revision of the 9/11CR

What Ron has done is hold people who claim the 9/11 Commission Report as gospel to the findings within it when it has been they have made claims which are not actually supported by the findings of the 9/11 Commission Report.

This is not to say that I'm making the claim that Ron Paul believes the 9/11 Commission Report as gospel but that it is Ron Paul has done his part in slowing the evolution/bastardization of the 9/11 story which has in fact evolved into something else in the press and sadly in the minds of most Americans to be something entirely different and thus it is most people now believe an 'Official' version which is not at all the Official Version while also not at all similar what many 'Truthers' suspect.

Case in point, and while it is Ron Paul has been careful to not speak to this directly, it has come to pass that the majority of Americans now believe in two versions of the government's official version when it comes to Osama Bin Laden and evidence of his involvement in acts of terrorism. According to the 9/11 Commission Report, and any and all information produced subsequently by official federal law enforcement agencies, Osama Bin Laden has never been indicted nor has any new evidence been submitted to the Department of Justice toward indictment for any crimes committed or believed to have been committed by Osama Bin Laden taking place any time after 1998. As Dick Cheney said publicly in 2006, "We have never made the case or argued the case that Osama Bin Laden was directly involved in 9/11; that evidence has not been forthcoming."

According the official version of things OSB didn't do it and nobody actually in the government was even hinting so much other than through accounts by questionable operatives of the CIA which were submitted to the press yet rejected by the FBI and thus never even taken seriously by the Department of Justice. Yet it is somehow and inexplicably now understood in a 'new official version' which is pure spin, that the current POTUS killed the 'Mastermind of 9/11' in May of 2011 even though the man the government otherwise considers the 'Mastermind of 9/11' is Khalid Sheik Mohammad, very much alive and awaiting trial in Guantanamo Prison after being tortured to the extent he confessed to crimes committed before he was even born yet could not in doing so, credibly implicate OBL in 9/11.

Yes, Ron Paul says very little but in getting people to say they believe 'The Official Version', Paul exposes them as irrational by default.

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