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and you're missing my point.
it's that the word fringe which is used so conviently these days, that it's something of a misnomer, used to belittle or to act like there's just a few fanatics. sure, there are many more ron paul supporters but the left and right still label us fringe. in the past was 'kill a commie for christ'fringe? was it a fringe of evangelicals jumping up and down for the iraq war? was it a fringe of GOP christians booing ron paul when he spoke of the golden rule or for his non aggressive foreign policy?
now the evangelicals are 62% against the syria attack because it's dawned on them that christians are being killed and were protected under assad. if that wasn't so do you seriously think that percentage would stay the same?
i question your using the word fringe to describe evangelical warmongers, although i will certainly give you that there are degrees, and the ones in the article delorenzo attacks are especially nutty.