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you do understand that

the only steel support in the tower were the elevator shafts....the exterior walls was the support for the building. That is unique…..on every floor it was wide open space from end to end……no obstructions… center columns ….nothing but wide open floor space. I got to go with the expert on this one. The reason it came down the way it did is because of a design flaw. I don't think the resistance factor would have come in to least not on the towers.

The only diagrams I have found on building 7 shown the construction was the traditional steel grid system……but if the expert says it was constructed with substandard fire resistance material, then I will go with what he says there too. The fact that it was on top of a substation would support a collapse more than a demolition, if the substation was on fire that would accelerate the process…..building 7 did not collapse until 5:20pm……if on fire that is a long burn.