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Oh please

You are going to link a video which starts at 1947? Give me a break. Video starts off with "lets be honest about history," what a joke. How dishonest can you be starting at 1947 when all of the illegal immigration occurred prior to 1947 peaking in the late 1930's ...

Furthermore what principal allows someone to take your land and give it to someone else? One reason violence has escalated in the world is because a serious lack of respect for anything resembling a just administration of justice.

About the only thing the United States and Israel have in common is that they have both increased territorial borders by a bunch of illegals taking land from natives using force or threats of.

If I morally object to illegals stealing land from American natives and advocate the United States at a bare minimum observe treaties with natives by respecting the territorial boundaries of those treaties which have been repeatedly encroached upon it's a safe bet I am not going to advocate for any side in Palestine responsible for an original encroachment who continues to encroach. I don't think the passage of 90+ years makes might right in the same way I don't think the passage of 225+ years makes might right.

Am I proposing any solutions? Nope ... I am just commenting that it is unlikely to reach a solution with one side basing their legitimacy on propaganda not fully rooted in an accurate presentation of history.

Regarding the comment sources are UN Agenda based ... I only provided one source, an official link to the United States government. It can hardly be wholly deemed to be UN Agenda based when the entire conversation this past week has been about the executive justifying going it alone without the UN Security Council.