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Thank you

I'll take it to heart and stand by what I said, appreciate you reposting it for me... reminds me of over a decade ago.. there were several posters, long before Daily Paul, who I tried to read and they were incoherent.. Michael Nystrom made a post refering to my posts as "word salad", or maybe he said, "wurd salad", but I also took that to heart, and it reminded me of those old posts (hadn't thought of them in years; One of them had been all about 911.. before 911. It just didn't make any sense back in 96).

I'm not the best writer, never have been, and there's a lot of info to try to compress in a few words, plus, I'm always on call being animals need things and I have chores, so I don't always get to focus and concentrate on the subjects I'm trying to materialize in words.

Thank you for your time and kindness.