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Illegalize offensive wars in

Illegalize offensive wars in our nations, by the people, for the people.....not dictated by the few, outside our nations, let us find our own paths, the honest longlasting path, ourselves, so although, it may take generations this way, i can tell you ONE thing, a FORCED police state will not provide a long lasting peace, at some point, the cycle will just restart

Peace, real peace, is not using the old and "trusted" ways, again, and again, and again, and hope to get a different result then, involving ourselves negatively in one persons life, only for that one person being the cause of the peace we managed to "buy ourselves" for x amount of years, through that "bloody" bandaid we call war, history teaches us that,
i reckon peace is a "think outside the box" situation, one of those things that are so far out there but is obvious once its explained well, or partially reproduced.....sorta like, "bloody hell, why didnt I think of that, why didnt ANYONE think of that until now".......or maybe its a thing of, one foot in front of the other in a a dark room, finding the switch, and actually going the right way
I dont know, maybe its something else