Comment: Granger is a joke when it comes to Israel

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Granger is a joke when it comes to Israel

She called me an Anti-Semite when I posed my views on Israel. When I posted a link to where I got my information from, she shut up.

Owned, Operated, updated, and Maintained by Orthodox Jews. She is a Zionist shill. Wouldn't surprise me in the least if she was employed by Give Israel Your United Support.

Zionist hacks are racist close minded imbeciles not capable of seeing anything outside their own racist ideology. Same goes for Zionist Christians.

And about Israel being smarter and more advanced? Not likely, I've been there. They're just above a 3rd world nation. Racism is prevalent, if you're Arab you are treated and viewed differently. Or just ask the Palestinians who go to work every day in Israel that have to come and go through a Demilitarized zone if Israel is smarter or more advanced. They are just above Mexico in my opinion. Same run down cities torn by war, but without the drug cartels.