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I don't know LF

I only brought LF up because when I did listen to him, he sounded a lot like people who claim to be in the LM, so I was curious.

Seems while some in the LM may agree with LF, they still don't see him as a leader, and I find that interesting too, because he speaks to huge audiences for hours, and has many devoted fans, and it only seems natural to me that because the issue of Israel is so big to both some in the LM and LF, he would have been a natural leader, and completely eliminating any concept that the LM was racist (which is what I have heard about the rEVOLution, then the LM..

I don't consider Jews a race.. I don't find the term "semetic" relevant..I know some do, but that is not me. I'm only stating what is obvious to me.. doesn't mean you or anyone has to agree..