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JP Morgan Chase is the actual name of the bank.

It comprises the original banks of JP Morgan and Chase Manhattan (and other precedent banks). The former was revealed to be a Rothschild bank after JP Morgan's death. Morgan was apparently a Rothschild agent. Chase Manhattan was the Rockefeller bank and the union of these two in 2000 formed the most powerful bank in the world after HSBC whose provenance is obscure but whose involvement in the global drug trade has been well established.

From a symbolic perspective this union between Rothschild and Rockefeller is the reunion of Judah and Israel the two separate kingdoms of the ancient Israelites that divided after the death of Solomon in 931 B.C. America is the most significant regathering of the Northern and Southern Kingdoms of that ancient nation.

JP Morgan Chase is now a holding company as is Goldman Sachs and this was effected after the 2008 Lehman crisis in order to facilitate the consolidation of the US banking industry under these two banks. Both banks are controlled by the same international banking families who convinced Woodrow Wilson to sign off on the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.

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