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If Israel pushed? F'em, but...

The blame lies within OUR govt for being foolish enough to hand over OUR information.

If I told you to bitch slap the next fat slob you see and you are dumb enough to do it... who is going to jail and who is sitting back laughing?... I know, maybe you could tell the police officer "Israel made me do it" (Of course if the first fat slob you come across is a cop, you probably wont get a chance to say anything, ever again)

I am not an Israeli, I have no say in what their govt does. I am an American... still dumb enough to believe I have a say in what our govt does. I will concentrate my efforts where I at least may have a sliver of hope making a difference.

IMO nothing would make the PTB happier than everyone running around blaming other countries for THEIR crimes.