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I did not call you or anyone an anti-semite, because the term/lable "semite" is not relevant to MY position on Israel. It may be a relevant term/lable to others, but it is not relevant to my "love fest" with Israel. What I could have called you is a JEW HATER.

I have come to the conclusion that "Israel" and "Zionist", are "kind" words.. for all the blaming.. when you peal off the layers, theres' a JEW to BLAME, and many seem to be STUCK there.

Be stuck.

Second: ORTHODOX JEWS, are NOT zionists, even those who live in Israel because they want, ironically the same thing many zealot Christians want, and that is the Messiah to come, Christians want the return of the Messiah/in the name of Jesus Christ. This is not MY concern with or for Israel.. it is a healthy part of the fantastic tourist industry they have and I hope to enjoy one day.

Thid: I'm not employed by any Israeli organization, though to be honest, I would like to learn Hebrew, and I am VERY impressed with Israel's business opportunities.

How many Israelis work in Palestine everyday?
Why do you think Palestinians want jobs in Israel?
Could it be because Israel has GOOD jobs and freedom that is worth going through a border that has stopped suicide bombings of innocent Israeli children?

Just above Mexico eh? Let's see

Here's Tele Aviv:

Here's Mexico City: