Comment: First it was "nutjobs", then

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First it was "nutjobs", then

First it was "nutjobs", then it was "isolationists", .......some called it "racist" others yet called it "conspiracy theorists"

and now its anarchist......and strange enough, i stand a little taller

"Without Leaders"........damn right, the way that role is used today and in our recorded history, they've twisted it, and in so doing, shown folks the pitfulls of amassing unbalanced power and influence to a select few, what you gain in power, you take from others, its time for a new name, and a true representation.......of ourselves, to the individual level.....bring back CHOICE, bring back SHARING, bring back IDEAS,.....and bring back CARING

Sorry, im having a "half assed" poetic day, and im pretty sure i need some more inner contemplations, such as, do anarchists believe in "representation", does that work?Is it even needed?Will we just have the same problems with it?.......i find myself glad im still asking questions, it tells me im still figuring things out, idealogically......its a good feeling for me to contemplate ideas, past, present future, the thing sometimes with the dailypaul, sometimes some one says something that fits the puzzle i hadnt realised i had been contemplating, but rings true in your heart, it was already there, i just hadnt considered it that way.......that is the power of the dailypaul.......a place where folks with the same ideas, can be with one another, no geological limitations, potentially, all liberty minded folks on the planet, when in the past, we were spread, seperated, and probably be lucky to find one another in a many candles went out without a chance to shine brightly, it aches to think that one or two did not live free, did not live happy