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I'm telling you

even if you didn't ask.

Here is what I was replying to....

Post by "The Granger": "Most of the responses are from people trying to help me?

Help me what?" ...understand why I don't have audio at the moment, but I think this is what I want. The lyrics don't totally fit :) but....

I'm speaking for myself with this reply. I'm also helping you understand that I'm hip to your sh*t!

You create most of the problems for yourself. You've got a big problem with always trying to fulfill your desires while taking from others without considering the consequences. You're totally self-centered. The situation that you create comes back to bite you in the ass...usually very hard. And you usually cause big problem for others that are associated with you in any way.

Yes, my biggest problem in a way is myself...myself not watching people like you a lot closer--much much closer.