Comment: The Communists hate him

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The Communists hate him

And these are some of the reasons:

The most high-profile change within the national priority project frameworks was probably the 2006 across-the-board increase in wages in healthcare and education, as well as the decision to modernize equipment in both sectors in 2006 and 2007. In his May 2006 annual speech, Putin announced increasing maternity benefits and state support of prenatal care for women. By 2012 the demographic programs of the government led to a 45% increase in second child births by women, and a 60% increase in third, fourth etc. births.

The continued criminal prosecution of Russia's then richest man, President of YUKOS company Mikhail Khodorkovsky, for fraud and tax evasion was seen by the international press as a retaliation for Khodorkovsky's donations to both liberal and communist opponents of the Kremlin. The government said that Khodorkovsky was corrupting a large segment of the Duma to prevent tax code changes such as taxes on windfall profits and closing offshore tax evasion vehicles. Khodorkovsky was arrested, Yukos was bankrupted and the company's assets were auctioned at below-market value, with the largest share acquired by the state company Rosneft. The fate of Yukos was seen in the West as a sign of a broader shift of Russia towards a system of state capitalism.
A study by Bank of Finland's Institute for Economies in Transition (BOFIT) in 2008 found that state intervention had made a positive impact on the corporate governance of many companies in Russia: the governance was better in companies with state control or with a stake held by the government.

Putin was criticized in the West and also by Russian liberals for what many observers considered a wide-scale crackdown on media freedom in Russia.
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He removed a lot of the old school oligarchs from power and cracked down on the media because they were controlled by the oligarchs and Communist sympathizers who were trying to destabilize Russia politically and morally, just like they do in America, to get the communists/globalists back into power in Russia. Putin is restoring Russian nationalism. There are other reasons the "Communists/Anglo-elites" don't like him, but among the largest is his grip on Russia's natural resources and LNG/oil development. He wrote a book on how important those are to Russia's survival.

Actually, the U.S. could use a man like Putin to restore our national pride and morality, as well as to "cleanse the merchants from the temple".