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The Difference with Obama

The "difference with Obama" is that the powers that raised him up and placed him in office have shrewdly played the race card and gone PC on steroids in an effort to silence criticism of him and his supporters. Meanwhile, our republic and its constitutional underpinnings have been undermined and degraded. The sad part is that our legal establishment, ie. our lawyers and courts, with very few exceptions, have shown no interest in addressing the "constitutional standards" that you mention. The "burden of proof" to attain or establish eligibility to any office should always be on the one seeking office, not on those questioning his eligibility. Yet here we are in "bizarro world" stymied by our inability to prove a negative that we shouldn't have to prove at all, but should be required of him, ie. 1) Where were you born? - show us the evidence, eg. valid birth certificate; supporting affidavits of those attending your birth; early new-born baby pictures at home with parents, neighbors & relatives, etc.; and 2)
Who's your daddy? and show us proof of his citizenship. By the way, the legal concept of "equitable estoppel" prevents someone from asserting a point of fact, eg. daddy might be Mr. A or Mr. Unknown (who might have been a US citizen), when he has already asserted, in this case repeatedly in his published autobiographies and in his Hawaian "birth certificate" posted online, and in other publications and statements, that daddy is Barack Obama, Sr., from Kenya. Seriously, thanks to our corrupt political and legal establishiment, we have really fallen down the rabbit's hole and are wandering around in Wonderland, are we not?

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?