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There is a difference

Semite refers to a genetic race, Hebrew people.. the new covenant changed that.. none the less, I'm not going to make this religious post, and that's why I do not employ the term, "semite".. I know Jews who are Chinese, Black, Sophardic/South American/Turkish, Farci, Ashkenazi, and many different sects, orthodox, conform, reform, and cults, from kabahlists to Messianic, to Jews for Jesus.. and with exception of the Orthodox, and those who are for a NWO, I find the terms "zionist" and Israeli", to come down to "Jew" no matter what DNA, and there is no understanding, compassion, consideration, only fearmongering, conspiracy theory based on HATE (which to me, stems from jealousy, envy, because the excuse to blame comes down to money and siding with Palestine, never mentioning Jordan (West bank) or Egypt(Gaza) as part of the problem. I see plenty of reverse descrimination, "They think they are superior".

From what I'm seeing, they are, and rather than blame them, I believe we are better off COMPETING with them, wich would mean establishing a good working relationship. Good competition takes respect, and I'm not seeing that here.. and I wonder why? Hatred for Jews, semetic, chinese, black, you name it... oh sure, you might have slept with one once, but really.. many here HATE JEWS, and they can lash out at me for standing for Israel, that's not a complaint, simply a fact. I take it as their own struggle against denying a truth about themselves.

Finally, I believe Israel is the key to prosperity and security, I think their government leave a lot for us to desire because they are way more constitutional based than we are.. and they rejected the Un Agenda and are making the UN Agenda prove to be BS to end the UN.

You want to believe all that TR (Russian) and PressTV (Iran) YouTubes about Israel, enjoy. It's fabricated for you to reject support for the sovreign state of Israel. That's not how you stop government from spending tax bucks in Israel.. it's done by competing with Israel and trading, and yeah, they have more to trade that most.. It reminds me of the "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful" magazine ad... "Don't hate me because I'm Israel".