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OK fine.

Here are a few issues I have that do not appear to fit the government narrative of 9/11.

* Larry 'Pull it' Silverstein, a Zionist, purchases the lease to the WTC six weeks before the attack at which time he also purchases an insurance policy protecting him from loss due to terrorist attack. After the attack, he puts in two claims because the two planes constituted two attacks in order to get double the payout.

* Anomalous stock option activity indicating foreknowledge of the attack was never explained though an investigation was promised.
Is this a coincidence or urban legend?

* IM messages from Israel warning not to go to work to WTC employees were never explained. Is this a coincidence or urban legend?

* A Mossad front moving company moved out of the WTC just before the attack. One of its vans is reported to have tested positive for explosives. Is this a coincidence or urban legend?

* The airports from which the airplanes took off all had a single Israeli company contracted to oversee security.
Is this a coincidence or urban legend?

* Most of the alleged hijackers were Saudis or Egyptians, not Iranians or Iraqis or Afghans or Syrians.

* Al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Ladin and former(?) CIA employee denied any involvement in the attack.

* Alleged terrorist pilot Mohammed Atta is associated with a flight school in Florida implicated in running cocaine from South America, had German friends with whom he did drugs in Key West, and though born in Egypt, spent most of his adult life in Europe. He spoke several languages and had multi-engine airplane pilot tags from several countries.

* Analysis of the video footage of the attack has led some to conclude the planes that hit the twin towers were not commercial airliners, but more closely resembled military aircraft.

* Fighter planes sent to intercept the hijacked planes went in the wrong direction.

* The pilots of the airliners apparently never set their transponders to indicate to the FAA ATC that they were being hijacked.

* When collapsing, all three skyscrapers took the path of most resistance.

* The black boxes from the two planes that hit the WTC were never located. (wink wink)

* Instead of investigating the crime scene, the wreckage of the buildings was quickly cleaned up and the scrap material exported.

* Dancing Israelis recording the event in a NY park were arrested and deported.

* Israeli "art students" rounded up and deported soon after 9/11.

* Dick Cheney takes authority away from NORAD to give shoot down order a few months before 9/11

The list goes on much longer.

What do I make of all of this? It makes me believe the official narrative is a fable.

What really happened? I have some guesses, but that is what they are. The government has a history of lying. I see no reason to take its word for any of it.

The whole point to the free fall of WTC 7 is to demonstrate the official narrative is a lie. Does anyone have to know what the real story is in order to understand that? We would like to see those responsible for 9/11 brought to justice, but the reality is the people who have the power to do that are likely the ones who are guilty.

The 9/11 narrative is suppose to instill fear and hatred. It is the excuse used to take away freedoms in the name of safety. Those goals are illegitimate no matter what the real story is.

[F]orce can only settle questions of power, not of right. - Clyde N. Wilson