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Comment: There was change in foreign policy so its clear who attacked us.

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There was change in foreign policy so its clear who attacked us.

The result of the 9/11 attack was a change in the political mood of the country which previously did not want a new war like the one the neocons wanted to start up again with Iraq after Iraq started selling oil for remuneration other than FRDs. Saddam must have never fully understood why he got kicked out of Kuwait, I guess.

The Kuwait war was fought because the US had to make good on its promise to the Emirates that they would always be protected as long as they sold their oil for FRDs which allows the dollar to remain the World's Reserve Currency despite having no real business being the World's Reserve Currency as far as the market is concerned but instead keeps its position due to coercion. The Emir of Kuwait was returned to power and Kuwait still sells oil for FRDs...Good Boy.

Saddam didn't learn from his scolding and later started selling his own oil for something other than FRDs and that upset the currency dynamic and its benefits of the monopoly for all the players. The problem for the neocons at the time was the American people at the end of the 90's didn't understand the new problem Saddam was bringing to Dollar Hegemony nor would we have much cared had we been paying attention...phuqit, I don't print money from promises so why should I care, right? which was a neocon/neocolonialist think tank pressed then for the need for 'A New Pearl Harbor' in order to press for greater US Hegemony which really translates to greater Dollar Hegemony which really translates to greater Hegemony for the elite extra-nationalist lending oligarchy.

Well, we got a 'Pearl Harbor' didn't we? Now Ron Paul can't prove 9/11 was the 'Pearl Harbor' the world lending oligarchy was hoping for any more so than you or I can; even if it is he holds the same suspicions we do. But he can press to change US foreign policy so as to remove any premise for any desperate and politically compromised people to attack America in bringing attention to their unheard of problems and demands, thus removing justifications for the police state the oligarchs are promoting in response to such desperate people.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead