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Yes, what I meant was "fishyculture did not harm liberty at all, and she was banned. Granger is harming liberty daily, and she is, if not encouraged, at least not stopped."

Michael seemed to indicate in this thread that he has had enough of Granger -- one of his comments advocated her joining John McCain in going over there and fighting.

Hopefully he will correct his errors -- meaning, ban Granger and welcome fishyculture back. He even had physically sent fishy a post card and a book, and then blamed her for expecting "special treatment". The whole thing is weird, and is the reason I stopped contributing financially to this site. I'll still watch the train continue to wreck, or hopefully it'll re-rail. Either way there's still a lot of liberty to learn on this site, but I'm contributing a hell of a lot less, both financially, and in prose and links as you can see from my user page chart.

That said, something I read here last week resonates: "It is not that you lied to me that has shocked me; it is that I can no longer trust you." This, slightly paraphrased, applies to this situation and I'm not sure I'll ever trust management again. Not saying I won't -- just saying I'm not sure, as it's not easy to deal with rabid dogs, or dance on lava fields. Best to avoid, which I've been doing.

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