Comment: A Natural Born Citizen was tough to Define?

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A Natural Born Citizen was tough to Define?

Your first statement was that "A Natural Born Citizen was tough to define even when the Constitution was written". Do you realize how ridiculous that assertion is? You are accusing the founding fathers who drafted the presidential eligibility language and used the term "natural born citizen" (NBC) of having no idea what they were talking about. Then why did they use the phrase in the first place? Come on! Just because you may not be familiar with the term doesn't mean they weren't. In fact, the general rule for interpreting a special phrase (known as a 'term of art') with which we are not familiar is to study the history of the use of the term or phrase to understand its meaning and useage at the time. And when we study the useage and history of the time, we find NBC described and defined in Emerich de Vattel's treatise "The Law of Nations", with which the founders were well familiar, some even reading it in the original French.

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