Comment: Yes, the government kicks and screams...

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Yes, the government kicks and screams...

...that they will be forced to shut down if they can't enact some corrupt scheme, but this is hardly the case. They're just fear-mongering.

It's nice to see you bring up sequestration? That's one of my points too! Except in a slightly different and more realistic light:

And BTW, my brother is NOT military. USAA has a lot of customers that aren't military.

Presenting a strawman argument that my post implies that anyone should be against common sense budgeting, is just that...a strawman.

Budgeting = Good
Doing it online using software that tracks your spending habit = Not Good

A government shut down does not imply chaos will ensue, but it could, and if those people in control of government can benefit from chaos, go ahead and bank on their being chaos parading around on the media.

A government shutdown is NOT the end of the world. It's a victory for humanity if it could actually happen.

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