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You have a good point.

A further point to make, is what about people who never hear about Jesus Christ, were they created and born into this world just so that they would go to Hell and burn forever? That doesn't make sense to the rational, caring person, and if God is, as believed, to be a far more caring and rational being than any human, then don't you think God would make provision for them?

What about infant and young child damnation? There are some Christians who believe that children who are too young to understand Christ's message go to Hell. It seems to be that if you believe that infants and young Children who die all go to heaven, then abortion or infanticide becomes the merciful thing to do, ensuring that all new souls go to heaven.

I have perused web sites where some Christians asserted that they believed mentally retarded, autistic, and other children with mental impairment all went to Hell. This also does not seem right to me.

I am not trying to cause trouble, I just wish people who referred to themselves as Christians actually think through the consequences of their beliefs. This is said as someone who believes Jesus Christ was the Son of God and he died for our sins. Even C. S. Lewis, whose faith few doubt, held the position that perhaps the doctrine of Biblical Inerrancy wasn't the Gospel truth, and that he sided with the Love of God over Biblical Inerrancy.