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I know people

personally who are free masons. My uncle was a free mason. Right before he died he told me being a free mason ruined his life but their was no way out. He started asking Jesus for help and told me he hopes to be forgiven. He wouldn't give me details but my uncle was gay, worked in Hollywood and had LOTS of money and praised Lucifer for most of his life. He died of cancer a couple months ago but the last year of his life was really odd. He regretted everything he did with freemasonry.

I also know a friend who worked for the GAP. Yeah... that clothes store. He said he was offered a promotion. But the only way was he had to go to a free mason meet up. My friend never went but that was really weird. And no... he was not lying to me. He knew nothing about free masons.

I also knew a couple others who worked at a retreat. Yup.. a Christian retreat who claim to be free mason.

So who knows man... Good? Bad?? Maybe both.