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...God is impure Love? Or are you saying that there are some actions of God which are divorced from His Love? We can't dissect God and say, look, over here is His justice, and look, over there is His Love. God IS Love; nothing He does is without it. He carries out justice, because that is what Love does. And a loving justice seeks to restore the objects of wrath and judgement upon repentance -- not eternal, torturous retribution just for its own arbitrary sake.

This is not sappy sentimentalism. Love will not allow sin to go on existing; God will have us clean; He is a consuming fire. Love is not just coddling bad behavior--but neither is it sweeping most of fallen Creation into some cosmic corner, labeling it 'hell', and pretending that resolves the issue, like we can just stop loving all those people in anguish. That would still leave most of Creation fallen--an eternal scar, marring the situation.

Sorry, I refuse to believe that God is sometimes Love, and sometimes not. His mercy is just, and His justice is merciful.