Comment: Just for the record

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Just for the record

And a community update.

Where has The Granger Been?

This effort is real, and she's writing bylaws. I applaud her efforts, but Granger, we are talking real stuff here! And you are talking about Sovereignty of Israel, ignoring your own country and Constitution.

Shame on you Granger, and with all the posts you make, you aren't taking care of the animals you claim to have. The world is full of abused idiots. The answer is NOT to procreate more of them Granger.

Granger you sound like you support this guy. More than any idea.

I think you have made it clear that you can't hold anything substantive in your head for any length of time. But you can write post after post in what you believe in at the moment.

Goldspan might have some inspiration for you, and perhaps the rest or us.

Do some reseach on him Granger, perhaps He has the answer you have been looking for all of your life.