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Great Question!

...And I must admit; Have I already reached that point?

Watching the "pile-on" of bogus candidates to subvert the Paul Campaign jump-started me to do things I'd not done in ages.

To travel to Tampa-RNC and view firsthand the "police-state" being practised by the MIC pushed me further on.

Speaking out about the issues, contributing to various campaigns, and prepping came also (food storage,ammo,equipment,activism).

And the "Open-Theft of the Election Process" certainly was momentous and a catalyst, soon followed by despair and depression.

I pushed further on however,reaching out to a national veterans group, through local contacts, traveling to Oklahoma and San Antonio....what a eye-opener that was!
And although I attempted to attempt to change the minds and hearts of those involved, their responses were ,to say the least, very disappointing.
I had resolved to keep working through the local veterans contacts when my world was turned upside down.
A motorcycle accident that resulted in a stat-flight helicopter-ride to a regional trauma center and subsequent two-week hospital stay kept me out of-the-loop.
I am not yet whole.
My convalescence at home continues, and will be for some time, but I have drawn a line there;
Between the faithful few who came to my assistance,both then and now and the plastic-patriots who "talk-the-talk" but do NOT "walk-the-walk".
Call it an education...a life-lesson.
But I've drawn a few lines along the way....and reacted accordingly.
It's an ongoing process.
I've been encouraged by those who have "awakened".
I can't wait to get rolling again.
And each line drawn and crossed will be met by an appropriate response from me.........and in retrospect:
Quite possibly it all started with that " pile-on" and the "theft".

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!