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Print Small sticker pages

One Idea I use is to create pages of stickers (use sticker paper in my printer) with simple messages or questions and stick them in public view (appropriate, legal places of course) to spread the message of liberty and to get people thinking. Sort of like the "Who is John Galt?"

"why does our government tell us to fear terrorists and then demand OUR guns?"

"Who is Ron Paul?"


"Jury Nullification"

"Why does DHS need billions of bullets, tanks, and targets of women and children?"

"Responsibility is the foundation of freedom"

"Why does the Gov't demand interest and penalties on underpaid taxes yet slow to return on overpaid taxes?" And where is MY interest?

"Why are we afraid of the police if they are supposed to keep us safe?"

Don't say you're not. You're lying. We've all seen that traffic snarl on the freeway when there is a state patrolman driving 64mph and everyone slows to 62.
(I've been robbed 7 times with no police help but given huge fines for minor traffic stuff. That's why they scare me.)

"The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE money printing entity"

Please feel free to add your own ideas.