Comment: Jury duty can be involuntary servitude, or liberating

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Jury duty can be involuntary servitude, or liberating

You are correct in identifying a flaw in our jury system. Compulsory jury duty gives the State the power to summon and detain you, depriving you of work and income. You go to serve your jury duty, and they don't select you because you have a brain. If Big Brother has a grudge against you, he can summon you every year, wasting your day at your expense, with no intention of letting you serve on a jury. What if you are a sole proprietor who has employees who need you to be there to do their work? The employees who are dependent on you suffer when you are summoned, and Big Brother can penalize you by summoning all of your employees anytime he wants to disrupt your business. A big corporation can sustain this insult, but not a small business that Big Brother wants to kill.

Our duty as Americans is to understand our right as a jury member to nullify any law we don't agree with. That is what our Founding Fathers intended and what the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Jay, said is our right. Checks and balances are what make our Constitution work, and the bottom line is it doesn't matter what our elected Representatives pass as law -- it is up to us as individuals to deem whether the law is valid when we sit on a jury. Granted, Big Brother has hijacked our courts and instructs his judges to intimidate jurors to avoid jury nullification. But it is our right and duty to exercise our power to nullify a law when we do sit on a jury.