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Your attempts

to weasel out of the BS you say is duly noted. When I post something it is my intention to say what I mean. It is one of those things that comes with character. Sometimes based on a response I think to myself ... well maybe the language I used didn't convey what I actually intended or meant. However it is not something that occurs virtually every post, like in your case.

Your intention is to legitimize the State of Israel. Because this can't be done based on any accurate record of history you will continue to argue your BS all day and night. Every time it is pointed you are lying you will come back and state ... what I should have said was this or that ... all the while reaching for an unattainable goal to legitimize Israel which is your ultimate intention.

If I was one of my ancestors I would have essentially been arguing some of the same bullshit about American natives I am with you. Unfortunately people like you who want to impose their will on natives prevailed in America. You might have argued Indians are savages with no legitimate claim to any resources or lands in America. You might have argued how the civilization of the United States is superior to native culture in every way. After several decades from the establishment of governments you might argue the legitimacy of some international treaty recognizing the United States government trumps the fact native people have been living on the land for centuries.

It's not like America and Israel are the only two instances in history of a group of people trying to take over lands that are already occupied using force. It is a recurring theme of human nature.

More and more I realize the only thing that is real in this three dimensional existence is a majority of force exceeds a minority of resistance. More and more I am prepared to confront this reality head on recognizing there are only two sides in a war of good and evil. There are those who believe in coercing or compelling others in the absence of an injury and there are those who don't. Those who do have already begun a war evidenced by their repeated actions to coerce or compel others unjustly.

In Palestine when the Belfour Declaration was negotiated there were like 60,000 so called jews and like 700,000 so called arabs. I wholly believe all people must share the earth, all people deserve to live how they want to live in communities of like minded people, and deserve to live in the peace of not injuring people of other communities. Let's be realistic here there is a proportionality between 60k and 700k. The State of Israel is no better than the United States. The United States wasn't content until large influxes of immigrants took all the land to the west confining natives to small reservations which it further reduced in size and still tells these people how to live backed up with threats of force.

This kind of world is unacceptable. If good people are not going to form a majority of resistance to the evils of coercing and compelling people who do not harm others then good has no value whatsoever. If good people of the earth are unable to figure out a way to share the earth so that all people have an opportunity to live in communities of like minded people in peace there is little point of the human experience. If the good of voluntary human interaction is not to prevail upon the earth parents may as well arm their sons and daughters beginning at infancy in order to train them in the proper ways of rape, pillage, and plunder.

So ... you can seek to legitimize Israel all you want but I will not aid you. I stand opposed to you. I would not even attempt to legitimize a United States government which claims to have dominion over 300 million people. The entire notion of any entity having some kind of just authority over that many people where millions are coerced or compelled to conform to the legislative whims of a political majority is wrong on every level.