Comment: My red line is ,,,,,.....

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My red line is ,,,,,.....

When a extortionist and theif comes to me with claims that I am in debt to them.

These extortionist are very clever and have armed thugs to enforce.

They tell me that a debt was acumulated on my behalf. They tell me that the money that was borrowed on my behalf was used for services that benifit me and services that I use.

I say well its all good and well these services but I never entered into a loan agreement I never recieved any of the money from these so called loans that alegidly occured. So I ask to see any type of contract that I made agreeing to these services in return for this debt they claim I owe.

They tell me that this contract is implyed by the fact that I was born in and live in a geographic area that they claim me as their citizen.

When I do my research I find out that these loans they claim I have a debt to pay were created at a computer keyboard out of thin air and from nothing of value. So they took nothing of value and made it into a loan that they claim I have to either pay or they will take any property I have and even put me into a work slave prison.

Well my red line is submitting to liars theives extortionists and mass murders.

So my final answer to these is always the same NO and my solution is a individual leaderless revolt using enlightened disengagement as my primary weapon of choice.