Comment: They don't care about breaking their oath

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They don't care about breaking their oath

because We the People never bring them to justice. The oath presents the fact that can be recognized in a court of law once the valid cause of action is brought by the accusation against them by those they are contracting with; We the People. The accusation against them is the "consent of the governed" required for the lawful powers (just powers) to be executed.

We the People are on the other side of the contract (Constitution) but the People are so confused at this point that the People are not even capable of bringing the oath breaking criminals to justice. It is We the People's fault for allowing Breach of Duty to our contract to go unpunished. The oath is our fact in Law that we obtained through their voluntarily consent to be bound to the contractual duties and prohibitions that demonstrate to a Jury that indeed it is fact that they voluntarily bound themselves to the contract. They took duty without criminal liability consented by taking the oath under God which is exactly what everyone should want for upholding the rule of law. This oath is exactly the fact that gives us the fact needed in the case against those who Breach their Duty. It seems we are doomed to tyranny because the people do not want to hold the oath breakers accountable. An oath under God is exactly the right thing to do and does not limit their liability to the duty and prohibitions of the contract it only recognizes that self-incrimination (self-derived subject matter jurisdiction) inside of a contractual oath is not required for a contract to be totally valid as fact.

I see it as the scales of justice. If one signs for criminal liability then the scales of justice are not perfectly balanced (NULL) at the start of a case. The scales have been tilted because subject matter jurisdiction has already been obtained by consent of the governed through acceptance of the criminal liability offered in the contract. Under God maintains presumption of innocence and does not automatically grant the Government subject matter jurisdiction from the start because under our law just powers (lawful powers or powers of justice) can only be derived from consent of the governed NOT consent of the Government. God is the NULL set that makes all of this fit together and maintain balanced scales of justice. It gives a fact but does not do anything else. Everything else is dependent upon all elements in a valid cause of action by the governed to be presented for a court to have subject matter jurisdiction.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...