Comment: Calling out hypocracy is not blackmail .

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Calling out hypocracy is not blackmail .

And the protests started like all the other Arab Spring protests - our CIA put CIAlqueda community organizers in place to rile up the people. The government used excessive force, more people got riled up, we through gas on the fire - and wallah - you have another civil war.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

My problem with this entire line of thinking is simple - what is so different here at home in the great bastion of freedom called the USA.

Do we not see cops using excessive force everyday in this country? Why is that different?
Didn't cops in THIS country brutally crack down on OWS??
There are claims there are political prisoners being arrested and tortured.
Well, isn't that happening here? Remind me again -is Guantanamo still open, what happened to Manning, how many "freak" accidents of reporters who dare to print things?
Their economy is strangled by the ruling class while the people suffer.
Yeh- sounds about the same here.

And the bottom line is this - WE - the USA are the largest producer and user of ALL kinds of weapons. Plain and simple.

If people in this country had any balls we would protest too - and guess what - Obama would send the National Guard to crack down and brutally end the protests too. If you don't think so you live in fantasy land.