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Lock or live does not matter to me. I simply wanted to state my position in as few words as possible, for others to read and fully understand. It is our Republic that we should defend, as I have outlined to the best of my ability in the main thread.

Granger and I disagree about many things. Granger and I also speak civilly on the phone together. Granger and I discussed this in advance, so there was no misunderstanding or plan of attack. See it or not, or agree or not, Granger does have a good heart.

Lastly, I have taken the conversations pertaining to this into my community. It is interesting to hear different perspectives. While I learn from many, I hope that they may learn from me as well. That is why this forum is so important to me. It is where I vet, and gain perspective.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul