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actually, it is,

when your rights are suspended, when you have no habeas corpus, when you have NDAA that says that POTUS on his sole say-so can arbitrarily kidnap, detain you secretly and indefinitely, or even worse, and the actually have legalese, however UnConstitutional they may be, to justify it all?

Um, yeah: you ARE living under Martial Law.

The only reason why you MAY not think so (since I don't know you, I can only go by observing whatever reason you MAY have deployed in justifying coming to the conclusions that you did), is precisely because you perhaps don't see what you 'think' a martial law police state looks like.

Well, have you ever lived in one?

Well, if you've ever had any Russian or Comm Bloc emigres for friends and neighbors, and actually engaged them in geopolitical discussions, they'll readily tell you that yes, there were the common road blocks and check pts., but on the most part, it's NOT what 'our' Hollywood imagination of policestate/martial law looked like; there weren't always armed patrols with AK's checking up on you: it was more of neighbors 'policing' each other, out of perpetual fear that strangers will report you to the 'autho-ri-teh' for what you said, etc.

Just because a rapist calls it "consensual involuntary sex" doesn't change the fact that it IS rape.

Have you been watching history for the last two decades?

There are times when it is prudent to be "principally meticulous" about laws and legalese, assuming you actually live in a society and/or a nation that is based on the rule of law, but most importantly: people actually abide by it and follow it.

But, calling "state of emergency is NOT martial law" in legal sense (of course, if we lived in a unicorn happy land, um, yeah, but we don't), when those who declare it treat it as such, regardless, and in fact have actual legalese already IN place?

Yes, it IS a martial law; you ARE living in a police state.

Now, do good people sign off of "State of Emergency" or pass NDAA? Did Mother Theresa pass or sign the "State of Emergency" and will carry out the legalese specifics and stipulations cited within it to the letter??


No. So, the fact that you're hung up on the legalese difference, which I AGREE, IF we lived in a sane society that actually follows the rule of law as it purports to/advertises as, it would be a wholly different matter. But clearly, look around, we don't live in such reality.

The WHOLE POINT of my "While Your were sleeping" is especially geared at individuals like you, who actually still believes that the political class and their enforcement class, actually give a fcuk or distinguishes the two, for our legalese-specific minds.

Newsflash: they truly, truly, don't.

I highly suggest you actually read through ACTUAL LEGALESE cited in the first one:

Pardon, but I really don't have patience to go through step by step, legalese ALREADY in the Federal register citing every tyrannical measure even Nazis didn't deem craven enough to 'legalize.'

If after reviewing it, you still think so, be my guest. Those who already are informed, or researched it, it's no secret.

It's like ask any American born of Japanese lineage held in FDR's loving camps if you were alive then, and told them: 'Hey, you guys aren't really living in a "concentration camp" because according to the legalese, that's not what it says!' See if the internees' actual, factual reality makes a lick of difference to them: they're STILL caged, against their will, with constant, tacit reminder that they'll be shot dead by sentry snipers, if they escaped their pen.

Frankly, I don't know why I always keep getting this from self-professed libertarians (don't know if you are one, but regardless, in my experience, I do get same response from them); I 'get' L vs. R 'liberals' & RINOs who actually believe the title of a legislation is what their CONgress critters advertise it as, or whether the 'laws' as written, is how they'll actually be carried out, in reality.

And by the way, you mean you actually think that 'cop's aren't military, in reality? Ever ask why they have almost exactly the same command hierarchy and the military? Not to mention the fact that just where the hell do you think they get all their toys from? They ARE ALL federalized military police force.

That denial, MUST stop, if you actually are interested in changing or at the least, addressing the actual political enforcement arm structure occupying the once free-nation called the American Constitutional Republic.

Plus, if you think our series of replies will go something like the following, between me & "Mohusk," please, save yourself and me the trouble & don't bother:


Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul